Desired Learning Outcomes

Desired Learning Outcomes

Programme-level Skills and Learning Outcomes

Soft Skills: Critical and systemic thinking skills; Project management skills; Presentation skills; Leadership skills; Team management skills; Communication skills; Technical writing skills; Creativity; Computer literacy and numeracy.

Hard Skills: Renewable energy conversion technology; Energy efficiency and management; Design and optimisation skills; Financial models; Policy analysis, Political economy; Project development; Business and management; Testing and standardisation; Health, Safety and Environment; Research; Risk management; Energy Modelling; Information and Communication Technology.

Learning Outcomes:

a) The student will be equipped with the expertise to design and implement appropriate sustainable off-grid energy solutions for household use and productive use using appropriate engineering knowledge and applicable renewable energy software.

b) The student will develop the management and, critical and systemic thinking skills needed to develop the off-grid energy market. 

c) The student will demonstrate the critical understanding of the political economy of rural livelihood, gender and social inclusion within the energy development and energy business domains.

d) The student will develop detailed knowledge and demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the core skills in project development, construction and installation, and operations and maintenance of off-grid energy facilities.

e) The student will be equipped with the needed financial modelling skill and critical understanding of business models to create and manage energy enterprises innovatively.

f) The student will have the ability to critically review existing energy policy and formulate original and creative solution pathways to policy problems within the energy policy domain.

g) Student will be equipped with the appropriate communication, presentation and team management skills required to work effectively with peers in a variety of tasks; and demonstrating an appropriate level of independence and leadership responsibility.


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