Liechtenstein REED/
TEA-LP Scholarship

Qualified Student Support For The 
Energy Access – Learning Partnership Initiative At The University Of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Nigeria

Call For 2021 Applications

The Liechtenstein Renewable Energy Enterprise Development (LI-REED) Scholarship / TEA-LP supports pre-selected students in the MSc Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology at the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT).

The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development with support by the Government of Liechtenstein is proud to launch this inaugural support in partnership with the Transforming Energy Access Learning Partnership (TEA-LP) program at selected universities across Africa, in support of a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals – including #7: affordable and clean energy for all. The master program at UNIPORT develops the next generation of Nigerian experts to grow the renewable energy access sector across the country’s industries, cities, towns and communities. 

The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development is dedicated to the integration and proliferation of renewable energy in infrastructure, urban and regional development internationally. Its Liechtenstein REED Scholarship is supported by the Government of Liechtenstein’s international development program.

Eligibility and How to Apply

Successful candidates will be supported by an annual stipend to complete the programme within two years. To apply, applicants must first meet the admission requirements of UNIPORT and its MSc Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technology, and submitted the admission application form. Scholarships will be awarded on basis of academic excellence, financial need, commitment to community renewable energy access in Nigeria as well as contribution to cultural and social diversity goals.

Award Information

The scholarship is awarded for a maximum of two years, renewable annually subject to merit and maintainance of an acceptable level of academic performance.

The scholarship is is designed to supplement living expenses such as accommodation, food and/or other related educational expenses at the recipients’ discretion.

The amount is related to the Nigerian Cost of Living index and other factors and scaled to include an annually inflation adjustment allowance. Scholarship payments are issued once we have approved your required award application and all necessary verification documents, and an award agreement has been signed.

Selections are made by a committee including LISD, TEALP and UNIPORT representatives.

A recipient of the scholarship for the first year does not automatically receive it in the following. To receive the award for the second year, you will need to maintain your grade average, meet any other required criteria and submit required renewal materials for additional payment. Payments are made quarterly. 

Expected Outcomes

Scholarship awardees are required to:

• Complete all mandatory courses in time,

• Maintain good grades and high performance standing,

• Submit a first year statement of insights and academic progress as application for the second year, and

• Present a final report on experience, lessons and final academic results.

Required Documents

•  Two letters of recommendation, by university professors, supervisors and/or employers;
• Establishment of financial need – At least one of the following:
 – Certified copy of applicant’s most recent tax return
 – Certified copy of applicant’s bank statements for the past six months
 – Certified copy of parents’ most recent tax return if the applicant does not work,
 – Other forms of documentation (corroboration by local administration etc.)

How to Apply

  1. Download the Application Form (a doc file), fill and convert to pdf format when done
  2.  Attach the required documents as a single PDF file of less than 10MB 
  3.  Click the Drag files here icon to upload document 
  4. Fill the confirmation form below

Nameyour full name
Phone Numberenter correctly
I have filled and submitted the admissions formTick to confirm

“I hereby declare that the information supplied herein is true and correct and I shall be held responsible for any misinformation here presented”

Declarationtick the checkbox!
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